Various - hardstyle

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Joram Metekohy first started producing Hardstyle with Ruben Hooyer in 2004 under the alias 'Seizure'. Together they had multiple releases on label's such as Sys-X Records, Blutonium Records, StraightOn Recordings and Scantraxx. In 2006 he was introduced to Scantraxx and began working on material with Alpha² that would eventually get a release on the Scantraxx sub label 'Paint it Black' under the name 'Outsiders'. [6] [7] In late 2007, having previously released on Scantraxx as 'Seizure', Joram Metekohy had his first solo release as Wildstylez, 'Life'z A Bitch / Missin' on the Scantraxx sub-label run by Headhunterz , Scantraxx Reloaded .

Various - HardstyleVarious - HardstyleVarious - HardstyleVarious - Hardstyle