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At an early age, Alexander was fostered out to the Campbells of Glenorchy. [2] The fosterage bond was strong and still written about by Leslie into the 1640s. Indeed, it was this link that brought Leslie into the orbit of the House of Argyll as Lord Lorne, the son of the marquis of Argyll was also a Glenorchy fosterling. This relationship perhaps explains the presence of Campbells in the same regiments as Leslie in Sweden, most notably Captain Charles Campbell (Karl Kammel), whose portrait hangs to this day in Skokloster Castle in Sweden.

Under a Violet Moon- Blackmore's Night

  • Under the Moon - Michael D. Walthius
  • Water Moon - Andreas Vollenweider
  • White Moon - Kuzmin Vladimir (Russian Musician)"

  • “Sauce It Up” is a song about Uzi’s party heavy lifestyle. Some of the lyrics on song have drawn attention from social media commentators for their satanic themes, most notably Uzi’s delivery of his name in the intro and outro.

    Leslie Lyrics - The PersuaderLeslie Lyrics - The PersuaderLeslie Lyrics - The PersuaderLeslie Lyrics - The Persuader